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Do you make excuses for your partner? Do you try to "save" people from themselves?

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Mary C. Lamia , Ph. White knights are men and women who enter into romantic relationships with damaged and vulnerable partners, hoping that love will transform their partner's behavior or life.

The White Knight

Though most white knights feel that they are selfless and sacrificing, their rescuing behavior is often misguided. Problems arise when white knights care for their partners at the expense of their own needs, encounter destructive behavior, or try to control their partners.

The White Knight Syndrome explains the origins of this behavior, presents 3 white knight subtypes, and explores the concept of balanced rescuing. Back Psychology Today.

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Acknowledging Collective Victimization. Ethical Experts and Eastern Wisdom Traditions. Does Joker Belong in a Mental Hospital? How to Recover From a Narcissistic Parent The effects of emotional neglect by narcissistic parents are particularly pernicious and difficult to acknowledge, let alone overcome. Your Sense of Agency: Influencing Your Own Life and Taking Responsibility Your ability to influence your own life and assume responsibility for your behavior are important elements in what you bring to a relationship.

What is a White Knight?

Rescuing Yourself From Rescuing Relationships 8 Healthy self-esteem will give you the ability to be authentic, honest, and autonomous. Rescuing Yourself From Rescuing Relationships 7 To enjoy a healthy relationship you must aim for optimal self-esteem. Rescuing Yourself From Rescuing Relationships 2 : Letting Go You may have ended your relationship but, in your head and heart, still hear it calling to you.

Rapacious Partners: Who wants to be rescued?


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Part 4 of 4 Rescusing a rigid perfectionist means complying with her agenda. The Rescued: Rapacious Partners The covertly predatory style of rapacious partners may lead you to believe that you have found paradise in their arms, but sooner or later you feel like a victim. The Rescued Part 2 of 4. The Rescued.

Temporary White Knights Excitement, danger, and addictive distraction are often found in a temporary rescuing relationship. The Balanced Rescuer.