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Spark SF Public Schools. Are there any application deadlines?


There are no deadlines for submission; grant requests are accepted on an ongoing basis. In fairness to other organizations, each organization may submit only one request per year for consideration. The Fund Board meets four times per year — typically once each quarter. What grant amount should my organization request from the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund?

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All requests for support must specify the amount of funding requested from the Fund. Does the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund support general operating needs? The Fund provides Annual Grants for general support to a specific list of organizations. Applications for annual support are not accepted.

Apply for a Grant – The Counselling Foundation of Canada

What geographic areas does the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund support? Our organization does not have tax-exempt status. Can we still apply? Organizations that do not have tax-exempt status under Section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code must use a fiscal sponsor with c 3 status in order to apply. How long does it take for a decision on a grant request? We strive to respond in a timely manner to each request.

Please call or email us if you have questions about the timing of your request. Can we apply for funding while our organization has an active grant? Organizations are eligible for one grant not including Annual Grants per year from the Fund. Can we reapply for funding for the same project?

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The Fund will consider requests for renewed support for a project after the current grant period has been completed. Please see the Reapplying for Support section for more information. Can we reapply for funding if a request was denied previously? Organizations may reapply for funding one year after the previous grant request was submitted. We recommend that the organization consider the reasons that the original request was denied before submitting a new inquiry.

How do I apply online? Choose the correct application for your request and follow the instructions provided.

To apply for a grant

To expedite the process, it may be helpful to type answers to the application questions into a word processing document, and then copy and paste the responses into the appropriate sections of the online application. I believe my request fits your funding guidelines, but the eligibility questionnaire will not allow me to proceed.

Is the request ineligible at this time? The eligibility questionnaire covers all of the basic information the Fund needs to determine whether or not a request fits our guidelines.

What do you need to move forward?

This includes the type of support requested and programmatic areas. If you are unsure whether you are eligible within our guidelines, please contact us. What does the recently launched investment process mean for grantseekers? Our new process and tools are designed to focus documentation and analysis on the key topics and to reduce unnecessary work. The process helps us work more effectively internally, reducing questions of grantseekers and rework late in the development of an investment.

Most of our work in will be developed using the new process and tools. In general, existing grantees will not rely on the new tools and process. When did the foundation start using the new process and templates? The foundation started using the new process and tools with investments. Some template design work is continuing in New standard terms and conditions for our agreements were launched in early for new investments, and new budget and fiscal report templates will be available later in In addition, later in we will launch a streamlined process and toolset for administrative contracts i.

Review Process and Site Visits

How much time will grantseekers have to spend on submitting a new investment? Just as today, that varies depending on the complexity of the investment. We anticipate that while more time may be spent upfront to align on investment results and the approach to measurement and reporting, we anticipate that less time will be required on late stage requests, analysis, and rework. Who makes decisions on investments and when?

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As part of its operating model, the foundation delegates decision making on grants and contracts to leaders across the organization. With our new process, decision makers are identified at the early stage of an investment.

Check-in points are built in to help ensure that decision makers are informed about and can raise questions during development, rather than holding all questions until the end. What documents will grantseekers need to complete? The typical set of documents includes a proposal narrative, a budget and narrative, and a results framework and tracker. The grantseeker may also complete a concept memo at a very early stage to outline an investment. Once a grant is approved, the grantee will typically rely on the results tracker, progress narrative, and fiscal reports to report formally on progress, challenges, and financial status.

Many of these templates are similar to what grantees have used before, however, they are standardized across the foundation and have been designed to scale with the complexity of the investment, and include fewer rote questions. How will investment results be measured and reported on?

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The Results Tracker is a tool that will help the prospective grantee plan for how they will measure results i. This tool will be used during the investment development and management phases of the grant. Seattle, WA ext.