War Children: Stories from Irelands War of Independence

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In , she moved to Wales and married a local man, Coleridge Brown originally named Marchment in The same year, she gave birth to their son Reggie, with a second son, Gerald, arriving in Tensions increased when Josephine moved into with her in-laws after Coleridge enlisted in the British army for war service in Flanders. She was not happy with the new living arrangement and ultimately returned to Cork. She took her infant son Gerald, but left the elder boy Reggie in the temporary care of her in-laws. After Coleridge was killed in late , his family refused requests to return Reggie to Ireland, forcing Josephine to sue for custody.

The judge granted them permanent guardianship of Reggie, in a ruling that was likely influenced by a religious and gender bias against a single Catholic mother. McCoy lacked the financial resources to continue her custody battle so she sought alternative recourse.

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While British staff officers recognised a leak in their headquarters, they never uncovered the young war widow conspiring against them. McCoy worked inside the barracks without any internal IRA assistance and carefully took notes and made copies of sensitive documents that revealed military operations and government planning, which she smuggled to republican agents.

The IRA later claimed her assistance resulted in the deaths of three British Army officers and six civilians accused of assisting the Crown forces.

McCoy appears to have been careful and cool under pressure. Mar 29, Ryan Robinson rated it it was amazing. Why did I decide to read this book? The front cover looked interesting because they were pretending to be soldiers fighting in the war even though they were small children. I didn't realise it was a book full of short sto Why did I decide to read this book?


I didn't realise it was a book full of short stories, at first,but it was interesting finding out about the problems from the Irish War from different people and different people's views. Why I liked it?

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I liked it because it was interesting to find different lifestyles of different people who had been affected by the war. The stories were set in small villages. I liked the Irish Rebellion people, because even though they didn't have the equipment that the soldiers had, they kept on fighting with what they could. Their were lots of animals in the stories because it was set in in the Irish Countryside, and the animals helped the people to survive with fresh produce with eggs, milk, meat etc. Something you thought differently about after reading the book?

The Irish War of Independence – A Brief Overview

I thought differently after reading the book about how hard it must of been for the poor Irish people to have fought against a full army when they only had a small village, and they thought with only one or two proper weapons, the rest been homemade. This must of been hard for the Irish, because the army had food supplies everywhere, and the Rebellion were hunting for food every chance they had, because they knew soon, that the food might run out or the army might take it. A character or setting I found interesting in the book?

A setting I found interesting was Mulligan's Drop.

The Irish War of Independence – A Brief Overview

Mulligan's Drop is a skinny crevasse like drop in the middle of the land that some of their cows fell in during a thunderstorm, and died there because they couldn't get out. The crevasse like drop is a gap in the middle of the land, right next to the side of a road, with water passing through it. This stood out for me as it seemed like a pretty cool feature, even though it was the spot for some of their produce to die from, but it was still a interesting setting that I found. Overall, I thought War Children was a very good book because it was thought-provoking and it would be a great book for anyone who has learnt or is interested in war or hard times in history.

This is a good book because it helps you learn about a very iconic series of events that happened in the past, that helped shape Ireland and it's history, which Ireland are still recovering from this tragic but historic war.

Irish War of Independence - - Waterford County Museum

Jul 28, John Somers rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , historical-fiction , ireland , rising-war-of-independence-civil-wa. I didn't think The Empty Steps was very good and for a while this put me off reading the rest of the book. Overall a really good collection that gives a good insight into Irish attitudes during the war of independence. Written for younger readers but recommende 6 short stories set during the war of independence as seen from the point of view of children.

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  • Written for younger readers but recommended for anyone interested in Irish history. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Short Stories.

    About Gerard Whelan. Gerard Whelan. He has lived and worked in several European countries. After some time living in Dublin, he returned to live in his native Wexford.

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    He is the author of many books for children and is a multiple award-winner. He is married and has one son, Davy. Books by Gerard Whelan. Trivia About War Children: Sto No trivia or quizzes yet.