Unter den Augen des Löwen (Reihe für zeitgenössische afrikanische Literatur) (German Edition)

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The song was controversial, it was new, but it was true and people could relate to it. It was about feudal lords and people in power doing whatever they like and getting away with it. A lot of people had been affected by such people, a lot of people work under such people, lot of people see such people in school, colleges, work. So they could relate to it. That was the emotion that brought everyone together. Google later gave me an innovation award for the song — and the greatest thing was that a big politician, that I often made fun off, had to present me this award.

Our literacy rate is low, and our education system is pretty messed up. We have big class differences: There is an extreme upper class, a lower class, and the extremely poor, but no middle class.

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So we have poor people who can barely buy food, and we have people who drive big cars. I ultimately want to speak to the masses. So yes, it was very important that after the Internet release every TV channel and every radio station played it. And then we have these mobile phones in our villages. People were transferring the song onto their phone and they were listening to it and watching it, so it trickled down.

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And to which extent was the song about protesting, and maybe even about changing Pakistan? When I was in school I saw such people get away with murder, but poor people would get beaten up for breaking a signal. Or they would do something small, and they would spend months in jail for that. Most of my tracks start from anger, and then in my tracks and videos I turn this anger into fun.

How is your family background? My dad had a good job, and we had decent money. Then we went to Canada. I studied there for four years. We had to come back and started living in Karachi. During that period it was hard to even come up with money for school fees. We tried to sell every property we had, or we tried to borrow money. We had no savings, but we were managing somehow. I did over shows. I was invited by the US state department too and performed five shows in the US.

I pitch songs to brands. I still have friends in Malir Town [one of the 18 towns of Karachi city, once famous for its vegetable and fruit farms] and they still come by. I also try not to loose touch because this is essentially my family. My ancestors were farmers, so we still have some land, and we grow mangos.

At the same time I try to keep in touch other social groups in Pakistan. Someone however wondered if a song like this was possible only because you are Sindhi, and you sing about Sindhi landlords. It is easier to make fun of yourself, right. It could be more controversial if I pick up another race and make a racist remark.

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I would get laughs, but I would probably offend a lot of people too. If I make fun of myself and my people, the first suspect and victim is me. At the same time, I did not make fun about Sindhi people only. I made fun about a mentality. It could by anyone in power, who abuses power and destroys lives — and nothing happens to him. But I have not performed in the rural Sindh region. It is not safe.

Sindh people were sending me death threats. There are some nationalist parties that sent me death threats after the song was out. It was intense for a month or two.


But you know, you have to make a decision: If you are in it then you are in it, for all your reasons, and with all the dangers. Me thinking that I can do this and get away with it, or face the consequences is selfish. I have to think about these issues as I go along. Why does Ali Gul Pir do what he does?

It comes naturally to me. I like making people laugh.

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See people laughing because of something I did or said, makes me happy. I do improvised comedy in theatre, in Urdu and English. Improvised comedy is the best. The protest and satire side of music somewhat comes — I believe — because of my father who was in prison for six years. I want to be a man who mattered, someone who tried to bring change, tried to make people happy, tried to inform them as well, and bring up positive change in society.

To me that is a life worth living, I guess. Or do you feel connected to rappers worldwide? In many places comedy and rap were linked in early stages. I think I am funny, but I am not even that funny. I try to keep my work focused, and I try to be honest to it. I try to tackle an issue and focus on it, because I think my country needs it. The focus is my country. This country is going through a lot of trouble, and only we can get us out of this trouble. So we need to take charge. We need to understand what the problems are.

And we need to be entertained — because we are getting blown up, we are getting fired at, and we are going through unemployment, and all this stuff. Pakistani people need entertainment. They need positivity.

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Here, political leaders shouting at each other, is entertainment. But there is no good entertainment, with good messages. Entertainment could heighten the intellect of people, it could teach them something new. Media is important, it affect a lot of minds. Media makes you think one way. Media makes you think that this country is bad — or good.

Media shifts popular opinion. Yesterday for example, I have been watching TV because of that airport bombing, and I just wrote half a song on it. What actually happened and what we watched on TV was so apart, and exaggerated. There is constant projection of fear in media. It basically says that we should all just stay home. It terrorizes you. I swear, its very hot. Somebody get me one glass of lassi dairy drink , so my heart can cool off sigh. By Lucia Udvardyova on July 13, She runs the blog Easterndaze , a platform for up-and-coming independent Eastern European arts and music scenes.

And thats exactly what we can explore in this list: electronic shaped tracks accompanied by colorful and digital video art — inspired by tumbler aestetics. For the first and the last video we're going to visit particular places in Prague as the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants and the communist council estate. See five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videclip series here. Artist: Deaths Track: Karaoke Blues. Deaths are a young and up-and-coming Czech synth-pop act.

Equally dramatic and romantic, simply, the Karaoke Blues. Under the moniker Space Love she teamed up with her love, the fledgling producer Voodoo, to create an audiovisual project inspired by trap and global bass music, sci-fi, tumblr aesthetics and pop-cultural sampling. They have just released a vinyl on the British Ono Tesla label, and their no-frills attitude and forlorn lyrics are a perfect soundtrack to not only Eastern urban dystopia. By Thomas Burkhalter Norient on July 8, Beirut based Syrian-Filipino rapper Nasser Shorbaji aka Chyno writes lyrics and produces video clips dealing with the Syrian Civil War, a suicide bomber, and other topics of the world he lives in.