The Knowing: Awake in the Dark

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They described the warm tones as relaxing or easy on the eyes. Getting wrapped up in whatever is on the screen can still keep people awake, however. Next, Figueiro wants to study the effect of different brightness levels, to see if the combination of warm color and dim light makes a difference. Although there are practical limits. A preoccupied mind will have a difficult time falling asleep, whatever the circumstances. By Sean Captain 3 minute Read. Design Co.

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But what? Not this time. Think of something else. Still, it was pretty interesting.

Awake in the Dark

The writer had done a lot of research on exorcisms, and some of the cases were scary enough to make you believe in the Devil, at least while you were reading the novel. It turned out that there were certain priests who cast out demons as a specialty. That was their job, their market niche, waiting around like firemen for the alarm to go off.

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    How weird was that? He could even see maybe becoming religious again someday, when he was a lot older. But giving up women? He sat up and reached for the glass of water Ana had left for him on the bedside table. He settled back against the pillow.

    The Knowing - Awake in the Dark

    He heard the clock tick, his own breath returning, jagged and raspy. He looked up toward the ceiling, at a thin bar of light leaking though the shades from the street lamp outside. He should read it again. He was going to, for sure, this time in the grownup version!

    He could get through a few speeches and descriptions, sort of earn his way to the good parts, especially the slaughter at the end. He liked the idea of Odysseus coming home after all his wanderings and screwups and setting things right, taking back his woman and his house, no discussion, no messing around.

    Vanessa’s review of The Knowing: Awake in the Dark

    Then he would read the Iliad. Abatement Strategy Modules. Alternative Equity Criteria. General Equilibrium Impact Analyses. Go for it, he thought. Be my fucking guest. Not that Ana was like that—a snob. To become better people. Richard had liked her innocence, and the sense of adult benevolence it gave him. She was a few years older than he, and at first it sort of evened things out, him knowing the score while humoring her, letting her have her notions. That was how he saw it then, in the beginning.

    Not anymore. After two months with Ana, he knew himself to be the green, untested one.

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    The family lost everything. Now she was staying with an aunt here in Queens, and working illegally at a restaurant on Amsterdam. That was where Richard had met her. Little pockmarks on her forehead. Her English was pretty good but thickly accented. But then he did, the very next night. That was the idea.

    Some good times, no strings. But after a month or so he saw that Ana had gone all serious on him. It would be wrong to take advantage of her. Also the long subway ride from his dorm and back was getting to him. He was desolate on the nights that he had to sleep in his dorm room.