The Business of Roller Derby: Setting and Achieving Individual Goals

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Tagged: chaya chaya derby chaya skates derby leader leadership roller derby roller skating skating team team sport. So how can we start to analyse high level roller derby footage in order to make ourselves more awesome? Look to teams and specific players who are the epitome of that which you are trying to achieve. If your current goal is offensive focused, watch Rose from Champs and make some notes on specific players timing and movements around the track Serelson deserves a shout out here.

Blockers: jam starts — where do they position themselves? How do they block at the start of a jam? When in a wall, what role do they play? What kind of player does their team rely on them to be? How do they achieve this? When they are blocking alone, how are they most successful? Jammers: jam starts — what do they favour off the line?

When are they most successful? Do they use offence? If so, what kind of offence? How do they approach a moving pack to grab their points? Rely on offence? Fight through themselves? A strong push forwards and out of play? A mix of everything? What works best for them as individuals? If you do not have the current skill set to carry out what these players are achieving, you need to do the hard work before you can expect results. So make some goals and get them ticked off, e. Group footage viewings plus snacks are a great way to generate ideas and get conversations flowing.

Look how happy these guys are!

The Business of Roller Derby Setting and Achieving Individual Goals

Always strive to be the greatest that you can be. Anything is possible if you work hard enough!

How much footage should you be watching? Hopefully after some solid footage watching, note taking and skills perfecting you will really start to feel the benefits on track. Tagged: blocking chaya chaya derby chaya skates coach coaching derby jamming kid kid block london roller girls powerslide roller derby roller girls roller skating rollerskating skate skating. General , Team. Change the way I attacked the pack as a jammer? I would love for leagues and teams all over the world to: Engage in discussion not only about concussions but raise awareness about subconcussive impacts as well.

Research and share information about helmets and safety gear which can help decrease head impact injuries. Consider making changes to the ruleset. Strategically plan practices and training. Look into the research being done for other contact sports keep in mind it is limited to mostly cis-male subjects.

Seek out recommendations for how to minimize subconcussive hits — the Concussion Legacy Foundation advocates for three pillars as a start: Delay the introduction of contact Age appropriate rules. Eliminate contact where unnecessary. Modify contact where appropriate.

Steel City Roller Derby is recruiting coaches and bench staff! : pittsburgh

Posted by Chaya on December July Posted by Kid Block on 9. April This is all you need to mount Chaya skates using the DCM system! Alongside performance issues, you can also experience pain. Calf cramping Pressure point on top of the in-step. I am so pleased they lived up to my expectations! I love them! June We are so happy to support you along your derby journey this season FP!

Photo Credit: Marko Niemela.

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Posted by Chaya on 1. Ana actually started travelling with the Tantrums for derby when she was still in high school! When it comes to watching footage from a team minded point of view as a strategist, coach or captain there is of course a whole lot more to focus on which may indeed be another blog post. Proof that Sexy Slaydie is taller than me.

March Individual teams may mandate additional gear, such as padded knee length pants, similar to what aggressive skateboarders wear, and biologically specific gear such as a hard-case sports bra for female players and protective cups for males. Offense and defense are played simultaneously, [19] a volatile aspect that complicates strategy and tactics. For example, blockers may create a large hole for their jammer to pass through and score, but this same maneuver might also allow the opposing team's jammer to score.

Strategies high-level plans toward achieving the game's goal, which is to outscore the opposition include the following:. Tactics deliberate conceptual tasks in support of the strategy may include the following:. Up to four referees skate on the inside of the track. In flat-track derby, up to three additional referees skate on the outside of the track.

They call penalties, award points, and ensure safe game play. NSOs take up a range of positions inside and outside the track, start and time the jams, record and display scores and penalties communicated by referees, record the number of each skater on track for a given jam, and time and record skaters in the penalty box.

Head Coach Resume Example

The growing popularity of roller skating in the United States led to the formation of organized multi-day endurance races for cash prizes, as early as the mids. The endurance races began to transform into the contemporary form of the sport in the mids, when promoter Leo Seltzer [note 4] [note 5] created the Transcontinental Roller Derby, a month-long simulation of a road race between two-person teams of professional skaters.

On November 29, , before television viewership was widespread, Roller Derby debuted on New York television. Jerry Seltzer Leo's son , the Roller Derby "commissioner", hoped to use television to expand the live spectator base. He adapted the sport for television by developing scripted story lines and rules designed to improve television appeal, but derby's popularity declined. It used a figure-8 track and rules adapted for this track.

Start A Roller Skating Rink In Your State

Bill Griffiths, Sr. T-Birds, who according to the storyline were seeking revenge on the Violators led by Skull for cheating in the Commissioner's Cup.

TsunAmy #117, League Treasurer

It ran one season, because some of its syndicators went bankrupt. In , TNN now Spike TV debuted RollerJam , which used the classic rules and banked oval track, but allowed inline skates although some skaters wore traditional quad skates. Jerry Seltzer was commissioner for this version. Roller derby began its modern revival in Austin, Texas in the early s as an all-female, woman-organized amateur sport. Many roller derby leagues are amateur, self-organized and all-female [65] and were formed in a do-it-yourself spirit by relatively new enthusiasts.

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Each league typically features local teams in public bouts that are popular with a diverse fan base. In February , the International Olympic Committee considered roller derby, amongst eight sports, for inclusion in the Olympic Games. In , the feature film Whip It was based on roller derby and introduced general viewers to its rules and culture. The WFTDA encouraged leagues to coordinate with promotions during the film's release to increase awareness of the leagues.

Steel City Roller Derby is recruiting coaches and bench staff!

Most players in roller leagues skate under pseudonyms, also called " derby names " or "skater names". These typically use word play with satirical, mock-violent or sexual puns , alliteration , and allusions to pop culture. Referees often use derby names as well, [82] often shown on the backs of their striped uniforms. Some players claim their names represent alter egos that they adopt while skating.