The Altar of the Body: A Novel

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The state police want to incarcerate Elizabeth for what they consider a gangland slaying of the men who destroyed Channing's innocence, but Channing is Elizabeth's only concern. Between visiting Gideon in the hospital where he is surviving the bullet wound, Elizabeth befriends Channing while hoping to prove Adrian is not guilty.

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She feels isolated in her quest for the truth, though her partner, Charlie Beckett, seemingly concerned about her, is one she can trust. Or can she? Pandemonium strikes when another woman is found placed like a sacrifice on the altar of the abandoned church where Elizabeth's father used to be the preacher.

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Of course, everyone considers this is Adrian's doing, but Elizabeth knows it is not. Throughout the novel, the killer speaks, revealing his personality without any disclosure of his identity.

The following displays his madness:. He knew people came to the church. But it made him sick to see the police there.

No one else could understand the reasons or its purpose, the void in his heart it filled so perfectly. And the girl on the altar?

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She was his, too, but not as much as the others he'd chosen, not with cops looking at her and touching her and speculating. She should be in the stillness and the dark, and he hated what was happening behind the shards of stained glass: the bright lights and jaded cops, the medical examiner going about his dull, grim business. They would never grasp the reasons she'd died or why he'd chosen her or the incentive to let her be found. She was so much more than they could ever understand, not a woman or a body or a piece of some puzzle.

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In death, she was a child. At the end, they all were. This fast-paced, suspenseful tale reveals massive greed and corruption within the judicial and penal systems. Betrayal and condemnation abound with insanity showcased as well as personal inner strength and belief in oneself.

She has edited more than 20 books for national small publishers in various genres. E-mail a link to this book. Aleister Crowley was a well-known and highly controversial figure in the first half of the 20th Century.

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A writer, occultist, magician, and mountaineer, Crowley impacted a diverse collection of sub-cultures and interests. See collectible Crowley from Biblio booksellers.

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