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Graduated from Sao Paulo University in Fluent in English, Portuguese and Japanese. Internationally, he has taken part in the juror panel for experiences in the first edition of the World VR Forum, in in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, as well as being the Representative of Brazil for this event"s 3rd edition.

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With a professional background in language education, Alexandre Silva develops, through his company, VRXP, bespoke projects aimed at the application of the Augmented and Virtual Reality potential to education, especially by developing immersive training and experiences. In addition to the many foreign productions it has line produced in Europe, SWAN clearly demonstrated a strong interest and special link with Brasil and enjoys working or even developing with this country and more globally with Latin American countries. A commercial agent who works at the sales department of Steno Group since the year , catering to the market of TV, production companies, advertising agencies and companies which offer accessibility for the audiovisual market.

Alexandre started developing games in December of after switching over from information technology. He's worked on several titles for Steam and mobile stores in addition to hundreds of advergames and apps.


Having co-founded two game companies, he always loves developing something new. He currently spends his time learning as much as he can about game development while helping fellow creators in Latin America make amazing games and animations with Unity. An advertising professional by profession and a journalist by trade, I've been telling stories for 15 years and creating audio and video content.

Producer and editor of Trip FM.

Contributor of Trip TV. Talkshow and Trip magazine's Youtube channel. He is currently one of the hosts of the "Hub Globonews" TV show, with a focus on the links between innovation, trends and new technologies. He is part of the International Globonews team, which discusses current global affairs. Alexandre Rossi has been one of the people in charge of stage programming for Circo Voador www. In that position, he has staged more than seven hundred concerts, of local and international acts.

For the last seven years, he has worked as director in shows at T4F. Youssef holds a master"s degree in Politics Philosophy and is a lawyer. Alfredo Reikdal has more than twenty years" experience in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Integrated Communication and Digital Communication. Holding management positions for over ten years, Reikdal was the multimedia director at Artplan, general director for Razorfish and Digitas in Brazil and head of planning at OgilvyOne. He was also an integrated communication supervisor at Coca-Cola and marketing supervisor at Globo.

Reikdal currently oversees a team of over 50 professionals, including creative directors, art directors, illustrators, copywriters, media managers and planners, conducting work which is integrated with the agency"s customer service and business intelligence hubs. He is an entrepreneur hustler and speaker with experience in entrepreneurship and sales for over 12 years, Soares has two large bootstraps cases in the Brazilian startups scenario.

Alice Riff is a director, screenwriter and producer. Her films have themes connected to youth and human rights. PR specialist, advertising professional and producer.

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She has ample experience in the editorial market and in animated series for TV. Aline Brufato has been an entrepreneur in the culture segment since , when she started to work as theater and music producer. Aline fully moved on to the culture sector in , when she reopened the concert venue Semente, and, in the fifteen years since then, she has been the curator for Semente, producing music shows full-time.

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A year and a half ago, she enlarged the space, helping to strengthen the brand Semente and bringing recognition to it as a reference in music, both in Brazil and abroad. She currently works as a director at the Landia production company and at Volt independent productions. Her films have been screened at independent film festivals such as the Oslo Trend Film Festival, where she won in the Best Beauty Film Category with her film?

That same year, she ranked among the top-ten awarded directors at El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival. Her first documentary feature film? Rastro de Lama?

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Mud Track which she co-directed with Helena Wolfenson, is now in post-production. This newscast occupies a three-hour slice of the daily programming, announcing the top national and international news. In her 14 years in the profession, Aline has been through the main television newsrooms in the country, as reporter and anchor.

Out of the studio, she has covered major events such as the earthquake in Haiti and the Congolese civil war, often in contexts where women journalists are"still"a minority. He has also played in major festivals, cultural centers and clubs in Brazil. On set, she gives the highest importance to the actor"s emotion. Amora is a staunch defender of naturalistic acting, and prefers to shoo full sequences with no cuts. For her, the actor is the rightful owner of a scene.

Amora began working as a general-director in telenovelas in , with Cama de Gato. Founding partner in Hybrid Colab, a consultancy"specializing on innovation in behavior studies and strategy, focusing on business transformation"that develops projects in the communication, sustainability and people areas for Natura, Vivo, Fiat and Jeep. In the public opinion realm, Ana worked in projects aiming at changing the social behavior and in three Brazilian presidential elections.

In , Woman to Watch paid her homage as a shining example of a woman in the field of innovation and a leader in Brazilian Marketing and Advertising. There, she created work methodologies, ran multidisciplinary teams and developed various projects, from Branding to Retail design. In , she joins Macaco Ciano Design. In , she opens her own business, Transversa, a brand strategy, design and education studio. Ana coordinates the Masters in Branding program at Instituto Europeo di Design"IED, as well as teaching regular classes at the IED and at Perestroika, She holds workshops through Rio Criativo, gives mentorship in Branding to startups and lectures and training activities for businesses.

Ana Hissa has 16 years of experience in covering national and international sporting events. Started in Lance's Diary! She acted as producer, reporter, presenter, coordinator and editor in the Impact Zone program until , when she created the program "Sensei SporTV", a pioneer in talking about MMA in Brazil. She created the first exclusive radio show about fights - the "Mundo da Luta," which aired on Radio Beat In , she was invited to be a correspondent for Globo Network in Las Vegas, where she lived for two years with the participation of major boxing and MMA events, and specializing even more in contact sports coverage, thanks to the prominence he obtained during this period, helped to further popularize MMA on Brazilian TV.

A professional with a career spanning more than twenty years, she has ample multidisciplinary experience in the advertising market. In the last five years, she has directed her efforts towards digital experience, doing business in the sector. She has worked as reporter in Am and FM radio stations, in TV programming ads production, in the creation of movie trailers.

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She has also been part of implementing the international channels of the Globo Networks in Portugal and Africa, of Roberto Marinho Foundation? Ana Lucia has taken part in the conceptualization and development of the programming grid of Globosat? She has been working for two decades as a programming executive, focusing in management and strategy for channel programming grids. In the last five years, she is in charge of the Regional Programming Department at Globo Networks, comprised of affiliates and six international channels. Ana is a specialist in learning, social-emotional education and early childhood.

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  • Motta has over 20 years" experience in entertainment, focusing on dubbing and accessibility for both Brazilian and international clients. Ana Paula Bialer is a lawyer known for her experience with the Technology, Internet, Telecommunications and Audiovisual sectors as a legal, regulation and public policy consultant for those sectors. She has published several articles on regulations for the audiovisual and telecommunication sectors. Ana Rieper is a documentary filmmaker and geographer and has dedicated herself to films about popular culture, music and the environment since , when she released "Saara", her first short film.

    The film was followed by other short films, such as "Veluda" and "Mataram meu Gato ". She currently works as director and screenwriter for the series "Naturaleza Feminina" and is preparing a feature film about Clube da Esquina and another, based on the book "Casa Grande e Senzala" The Masters and the Slaves.

    This series is a co-production with Breakthrough Entertainment as a Canadian co-producer.

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    This subscription based website with a child safe proprietary engine is seen in Brazil by over , children in schools and homes. Andre Martins the cofounder of Superjbos Ventures and has worked as a startup company investor since He also coordinates Bug, curates the Bug Exhibition, and has organized the book Bug: narrativas interativas e imersivas Partner of Canal Brasil Group. International Sales Manager of the feature O Quatrilho. Over the past five years as CEO of DrumWave, he has built high-performance teams focused on building the new data economy and was awarded several patents as a technology entrepreneur.

    He is widely recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the Brazilian digital market, and has spent a decade working in Editora Abril? He is also a member of the advertising industry?