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Here's my current idea for playing gridless 4E combats. Either to the exclusion of gridful combats, or with allowing a mix.

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The idea might allow for different play styles. I played without minis back in the day, and some still prefer it. This does place some more work on the DM to adjucate on the fly, and requires more trust between the DM and players to simply roll with the adjucations rather than negotiating them during the action. IME, most groups can handle something this just fine.

A more explicit version follows If you prefer, feel free to convert all mention of squares to increments of 5 feet.

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The DM doesn't need to announce this, but instead should keep the action moving. If a power is used for positioning, the DM should tend towards accepting the player's suggestion. The DM should aim to spend these soon after they're created so that the number of Movement Advantage points generally stays around zero , and try to spend around the player who created the Advantage. When in doubt: let the dramatically obvious and reasonable thing for the fight happen, and let the players and monsters see their intent happen.

Georeferencing allows adjacent maps to be accurately and automatically aligned within GIS systems.

Light hack for gridless combat

To create this product the grid, graticule, grid text and graticule text representations were termporarily removed and the text-clashing routines rerun to reinstate features previously masked by the grid and graticule text. It is possible that some road, railway and track names will not match those on previously generatedTopo Geotiffs.

The names willl not be wrong, but simply not been placed using the cartographic text-placement routines normally run prior to a formal data release. Text on versions of the gridded and gridless products generated from Oct on will match. For more information, and a description of the georeferencing keys: www.

The eH Product incorporates our patented quick- change anode module assembly.

Mobile first

The anode module can be quickly removed from the ion source for maintenance, while the source body remains in the chamber. The anode module is light weight and interchangeable. By simply exchanging the working anode module with a spare module, the eH product can be ready to run within minutes. The removed anode module can be easily maintained on a work bench while your vacuum chamber continues to be productive.

Gridless End-Hall eH Sources Archives | Kaufman & Robinson

The uptime benefits are significant. The KDC product line provides a dedicated and regulated electron source neutralizer. With a reliable source of electrons, the KDC products can process dielectric, electrically isolated, and electrostatic sensitive substrates.

The amount of electrons is precisely controlled to match positive charges. The correct amount electrons are present in the ion beam and they arrive at the substrate surface to provide an electrically neutral process. The KDC operation does not need to rely on an ambiguous source of electrons such as exposed and conductive chamber hardware.

Coating build-up and stray electromagnetic fields, which may be present in the vacuum chamber, will not disturb the ion beam quality, stability or neutralization of the KDC products. However, in the case, when the neutralization process is not so critical, the KDC products do allow operation without the neutralizer. Divergent Beam From the plasma discharge, ions accelerate into a beam with a divergent ion current flux.

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Gridless The eH product technology relies on a gridless construction.