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Sinclair was not a vegetarian for long, but his depiction of the unsanitary practices of the meat packing industry turned many Americans away from consuming animal flesh. John Harvey Kellogg, king of cold breakfast cereal and creator of cornflakes, was a strong advocate of vegetarianism and preached its benefits until the s.

In a short-lived political group known as the American Vegetarian Party formed in hopes of putting forth a successful candidate in the presidential election.

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They chose Chicago citizen, naturopathic doctor and restaurateur John Maxwell. Of course Maxwell did not win in fact he was born in England, which made him ineligible , but the party continued to nominate candidates in every election until Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by artist David Martin, Many noteworthy individuals throughout history have practiced vegetarianism during their lives, including Benjamin Franklin.

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He found that the diet had its economic advantages. His food expenses were decreased by half, affording him the opportunity to purchase more books for his collection. Franklin soon became an advocate of animal rights, which easily fit in with his anti-slavery and political rights agenda.

Alas, his vegetarianism did not last for long. While traveling on a ship, he witnessed smaller fish being removed from the stomachs of cod that had been caught and butchered. The Vegetarian Cookbook by E. Fulton, published , from The History Kitchen library.

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American cookbooks dedicated to vegetarian cooking began popping up in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One such early publication is E. The book, like many early vegetarian cookbooks, contains several recipes containing protose, a meat substitute invented by John Harvey Kellogg. Though an exact recipe for protose is difficult to track down, several have tried to recreate its unique flavor and texture with a combination of wheat gluten, peanut butter, onion and herbs.

During the 70s, cookbooks began to address the lack of protein associated with a vegetarian diet. When Anna Thomas published The Vegetarian Epicure in , she had become frustrated with recipes that relied on meat substitutes. Her cookbook celebrated the variety and flavor of meatless meals without the need for substitution, signaling a new culinary approach to vegetarianism that continues to this day.

Grocery stores carry a large variety of vegetarian options, proving that there is a strong market for meatless products. With proper attention to nutritional intake, it is entirely possible for vegetarians and vegans to live a long and healthy life. Fulton, E.

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The Vegetarian Cook Book Maurer, Donna Temple University Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Smith, Andrew F. Stuart, Tristram New York, New York. Tori Avey is a food writer, recipe developer, and the creator of ToriAvey. The History of Gingerbread. Learn More. Donate Help everyone explore new ideas, discover new worlds, expand their horizons. Donate Today.

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I agree with Diane and Rick. Tried it for the first time and the dough was tough to work with.

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I am connected and engaged within the private Facebook community to watch your personal growth and help you if any struggles or challenges arise along your journey. In this BONUS session about relationships, learn more about yourself and establish deeper, more meaningful, more fulfilling connections with the people in your life. In this BONUS session about money, on money, get a better understanding of what your relationship is with money and how to begin creating a positive mindset shift around that.

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