Robins on the Lawn

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Is it unusual to see American Robins in the middle of winter? April 1, As long as there is food available, American Robins may stay north in cold climates.

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Like hearing, however, it is unlikely that touch alone is the key to a robin's successful hunt for worms. Keep the lawn evenly trimmed with shorter grass.

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This makes it easier for birds to see the soil and spot movement. It also makes it easier for them to reach the next bite. Water lawns and gardens in the early morning. This will bring worms closer to the surface or even encourage them to emerge from the lawn in search of air, making these tidbits more accessible to hungry robins. Keep the lawn in good condition with yearly aeration and thatch removal. This makes it easier for birds to reach the soil and remove worms from soil that is looser and less compacted.

Avoid using weed fabric or other coverings in garden areas or flower beds where robins may be hunting. Birds cannot easily poke through these covers, even when they do find worms. Leave fallen leaves intact for birds to forage through. The damp, organically-rich soil under leaves and wood mulch is ideal habitat for worms, making it easier for birds to find tasty morsels.

What Plants Attract Robins – Tips For Attracting Robins In Your Garden

Offer mealworms in low tray feeders or small dishes at a bird-feeding station. Robins, catbirds, bluebirds, and other worm-loving birds will appreciate the easy treat. Read More. And even if that is one of the driving factors, why the huge change in behavior, especially their tolerance of human proximity? Urban robin looking for some grass among all the pennywort on this Stetson lawn. I heard a small flock of robins flying over my house just bit earlier today, heading towards that big presumed roost to the north somewhere.

Pingback: Graded signals Volusia Naturalist. Thanks for the detailed information about Robin behavior. But just a few days ago I saw for the first time the giant flocks you referred to in rural southern Louisiana. Flocks of thousands all joined together in and around a sugar cane field, one of the few left of the season. Together they easily amounted to millions. I thought at first they were starlings, because of the size of the flocks, but they were so quiet!

The next day the sugar cane field was cut down, so who knows where all those millions of robins went.

What’s up with all the robins?

Maybe to Volusia to see you. Pingback: Making peace with the mockers Volusia Naturalist. Hello I would like to enlarge one of these photos for my living room. I would like to use the image of the fecal sac removal for a scientific poster presentation.

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Would that be okay? Your email address will not be published. American robin, Tiger Bay State Forest. The woodland phase. The lawn robin. Northern Virginia.

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A small winter flock of robins. Seasonal abundance of robins at Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area.

Feeding on black cherry, Prunus sp. A woodland phase robin in the scrub of Ocala National Forest. Lawn-feeding robins in DeLand. Feeding on fallen Sabal palm fruit. Urban phase robin bathing.