Le sermon sur la chute de Rome - Prix Goncourt 2012 (Domaine français) (French Edition)

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So sad. And there are so many other favorites! Gone Girl So messed up but so good! Any of the Anthony Bourdain Books. This bok left me heartbroken for her and the entire Kennedy Clan. You are going to find beauty and wisdom in every page. The writing is superb. I also liked, Chef. For mysteries the best is Jo Nesbo, all his books are good. Also, Dark Star Safari by Paul theroux. Fitzgerald — Gatsby le magnifique H. Puis Gatsby parce que Gatsby quoi!

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Great post idea, Alex! Set in the American southwest of Tucson, AZ. Nice to see you and Em posting, while Garance is off at Sanitarium ok The Standard Hotel…same thing …a beautiful place to help her recover sanity after fashion faux pas. Too soon? Be kind to yourself. We all love and forgive you.

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Get well soon! Then began copying long passeges into old school notebooks, just because it was so pleasurable to write his words, …new stall tactic. Then i read it again. Ancient history,I know. But it was quite heady stuff for a small town girl to be thrust into that world of top chefs with huge personalities and noterity…. All took place improbably at a former huge castlelike Jesuit Seminary on the Hudson. Every single day, i had lunch with some restaurant critic or food writer, tv show, dignitary or budding foodie of note…and thought nothing of enjoying bottle after bottle ofchateau Talbot.

I learned fast;. It was a dream job, and getting to know the Chefs most retired from European restaurants …who were now teaching, working practically part-time by industry standards was enlightening Have never personally come across a profession that is so demanding and yet so beloved and attracts such a vast variety of humans. Must be the food. Just the title gives me chills, having heard and said that phrase a zillion times. Greatly appreciate the recommendation.


Thanks Alex, Great idea. Smells like a book club in the jelling! We all miss our bookstores,and are jealous of yours;! Rules of civility Amor Towles. Et la claque, pourquoi je ne suis pas comme Atticus? Anna Karenina — Tolstoy. Trying to read before the movie comes out. En ce moment je lis et j aime beaucoup The Spinoza problem by Irvin Yalom. Really, i would recommend anything by any of those authors. I usually read on the bus, but this one, I would hurry home from the bus stop and continue once at my apartment. Allez, lisez-le!

Cousin Bette by Balzac — fantastic intrigue and what prose! I just love all of her books. I was totally blown away by the excerpt Vogue published a few months back- as well as that amazing photo of Marcus and his gorgeous wife! Inspiring characters in an absurd journey through Sweden and through history.

Read it! All Moomin stories in one huge book With same illustrations from my childhood. Radge : La terre des mensonges 1er bouquin de la trilogie…. Very inspiring! It is clever and really funny. Here are a few that no one seems to have mentioned, but are wonderful nevertheless. But, ut these are my recommendations:.

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Gaitskill says that she herself had worked as a stripper and call girl. Her perspective is so intriguing, Garance! This one is just for fun, but if you read it you MUST tell us how much of it is true! I highly recommend a selection of poetry by Rumi. The Persian mystic delves into the full fervor of love and divine oneness. Reading this inspired verse is to float atop the clouds! Told from the point of view of a dog! I have a dog, and so I so so so love it! My reading experience of the year: War and Peace by Tolstoj! I am Smilla.

Merry Xmas! I fully agree with your opinion on this topic above. Excellent Post, linseopost keep up the fantastic job. Loved to read your views on this topic truly amazing and helpful for learning.

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Thanks a ton for your positive views. Tis the glorious season of… freaking-out-about-what-the-hell-to-buy-your-boyfriend-husband-friend-lover for the holidays. Cliente : Non, j'ai juste Word !!

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