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Members' membership FAQs. Does ACCA provide a route for its members to become members of other bodies? Do you provide any other routes to ACCA membership? I have been removed from the register, why?

Can I still apply if I do not have a valid passport?

My account is currently suspended, how can this be reactivated? I am an ACCA member having difficulty paying my fees. Can ACCA help? I have retired and wish to resign from the register, what should I do? Why do I need to undertake continuing professional development CPD and is this mandatory?

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I forgot to submit my declaration by 1 January, what should I do? I am unemployed, do I still need to comply with the continuing professional development CPD requirement? I have been awarded a continuing professional development CPD waiver. Do I need to make a declaration? I can't afford to attend courses in order to meet the continuing professional development CPD requirements. What else can I do? I no longer work in accounting or finance, will I still have to do continuing professional development CPD?

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I am currently studying and don't have time for CPD — what should I do? Back to top. This can be for one of the following reasons: Members who do not pay their subscriptions in full each year will be removed from the ACCA register and will lose their right to use the ACCA letters after their name Regulation 11 1 Chartered Certified Accountants' Membership Regulations. An individual may also be removed on disciplinary grounds or due to bankruptcy.

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Those members with outstanding annual continuing professional development CPD declarations must also complete the declaration section on page 6 of the reinstatement form. You will also have to complete the reinstatement form and pay the reinstatement fee. Members or affiliates who have previously resigned from the ACCA register You will be required to pay any unpaid sums at the time of resignation and the current year's subscription and reinstatement fee but you will not be required to pay subscription fees for the period during which you were off the register.

I still love my ex. Should I feel this way?

Those members with an outstanding annual CPD declaration must also complete the declaration section on page 6 of the reinstatement form. Individuals who were removed from the register on disciplinary grounds or due to bankruptcy In addition to completing the reinstatement form and paying all fees due, you will need to supply character references.

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You may be subject to the preparation of a report by an ACCA approved practitioner on your conduct in the period since your exclusion, for which an additional fee may be payable. Advice on these procedures will be given on receipt of this form. I do still hope that the chemotherapy will work and every scan will be perfect.

Stephen never toyed with getting involved in terrorism, but did still hope to follow his father into the RUC. I do still have hope that Bob Zemeckis will again take the helm and bring Roger back.

I do still retain an iota of hope in this government and am prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt. I do still worry, because I have such high hopes for my immediate future. Trusted already by 8 million users, Ludwig is designed to help anyone write better in English.

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Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources. Thanks to Ludwig my first paper got accepted! So the laws just haven't been able to keep up with technology and that's why we've been calling on major telephone companies to give consumers, their customers, tools to stop blocking these calls before they get to our homes.

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On why it's difficult for the government to stop the calls. It's happening in Jamaica, or the Virgin Islands, or something like that. The fact is that the FTC and the FCC — the regulators who deal with a lot of this — and a lot of attorney generals, have gone after legitimate companies that have violated the Telephone Communication Protection Act. And now we're seeing it get even more bold.

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I'm here in the West Coast in San Francisco and I get numbers all the time with the area code that looks an awful like either my phone number or a phone number that could potentially be a call I think I should take. One of those was a company called Nomorobo. It allows people to sign up for this service if they had voice over internet protocol and now they have a cell phone app that you can sign up for, and that allows you to start blocking phone calls.