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Ann Marineau from Coos County attended. Teachers, Dee Grothe, and Melanmie Adams will head it up at the school. Developed by Richard Ponzio, Ph. This informal science curriculum includes six sessions, each with multiple activities that can be adapted to a variety of teaching environments. The Task Force is currently reviewing the assessment instruments and anticipates releasing the curriculum to pilot testers early in We hope to unveil a final version of the curriculum at the next NAPPC meeting in Fall and would love your help getting it ready.

Would you or someone else from your organization be interested in signing on as a pilot user? Pilot sites will receive the curriculum by the end of January. We cannot guarantee that all interested parties will be included in the pilot, particularly if we are pleasantly surprised by a high volume of responses. Because the curriculum contains many more activities than any one site is likely to use, each site may choose the activities they wish to pilot and will be responsible for assembling the resource materials required for the chosen activities.

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Pilot sites will be asked to complete activity evaluation forms and submit them to the task force by August 1, Please return the following information to Craig Tufts tufts nwf. Teaching environment s in which curriculum would be tested: Thank you for your interest in this project and for your commitment to helping protect pollinators! October Garden Party. Prescott Elementary School is busy creating their new garden. The next Garden Party is Saturday, April 22nd We are putting in more raised beds and turning over winter cover crop.

For more information contact: Michael Lopes at Initially, Students were asked to complete an application demonstrating their interest and commitment. It was a great surprise to receive 30 applications from students. Their interest and commitment to bettering our community and environment is very exciting to see. It was just as exciting to find an additional 8 parent and teacher volunteers to help us. It began January 23rd.

The 4-H club has also done wildlife observation at their school and the middle school.

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Written by Lindsay Hart - 4th grade at Hopkins Elementary. We learn to appreciate this landscape we live in and the beautiful flowers that encompass it. As I hike with 4-H, I enjoy the rainbow of colors accented with quiet universe underneath our feet, and the dancing shadows of light that create a masterpiece for the imagination. On February nd, 20 middle schools students from Sunnyside Environmental school, a teacher, a parent, and 3 4-H staff traveled to Eastern Oregon for a 5-day exchange with ranch families from Eastern Oregon.

The purpose of the trip was to provide Portland youth with the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles of rural Oregonians and learn about natural resource management from an Eastern Oregon Perspective. Several newspapers covered this groundbreaking trip. You can find them at: Overcoming the Urban-Rural Divide. City Kids, Ranches try Wolf Detente. There have also been two articles in the Blue Mountain Eagle Paper both front page articles that can also be accessed on-line.

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide. Walking in the Shoes of an Eastern Oregonian.

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And two articles in the Oregon Capital Press also both front page articles. Only one article can be accessed on-line. A Mile in their Boots. Garden Contest for Everyone Deadline: Send a photo and a short description of your garden plan in the following categories: For more information, and for an entry form, visit www. We will start the tour at Sunnyside Environmental School and either travel to the other schools by van or carpool. You may visit all or some of the schools on the list.

They will all be in the Metro vicinity. This will be a great opportunity to get to know other 4-H Wildlife Stewards, see some different schools and do some networking.

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Look for more details to come on our website. Space is filling up fast for the Student Summit in February. As of now, teams of students from seven schools are planning on attending. Space is unlimited for the number of displays we can set out, so come one, come all and let us know by January 1st how many displays your school will be sending. We want to showcase all of your projects. The Summit will be held February 24, from 9: If you need help with designing a display or coordinating your presentation, we would be glad to help you.

For more information, call Sally Yackley, or email wildlifestewards oregonstate.

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January 4-H Wildlife Stewards Training. Are you ready for some help in the habitat? I can lend you a hand with that. We have a new 4-H WS training coming up the first of the year.


Go ahead…let out a cheer! Invite 1 or 2 people at the school to help you with your site. Come, January st from 9 am to 5: There is not a lot of time to delay!!!

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They can't commit to that time…. Don't worry…tell them to finish it on-line!!! Need more info or need more ideas for a lure and hook…. Call Susan at …I am also in phone book.

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Registration and information for training. Pollinators, Plants, and You". A Pollinator Protection Education Project is designed for kids in grades three through six. Davis, this informal science curriculum includes six sessions, each with multiple activities that can be adapted to a variety of teaching environments. Announcing the Beekeeping Essay Contest. Essay contestants are not required to be enrolled in a 4-H beekeeping project.

For detailed essay contest information, please check the American Beekeeping Federation website http: Essays are due to the State 4-H office by February 1, This is a great opportunity for your school. The format of the plant sale has changed since last year - it will no longer be based on pre-ordering. In addition, they found coordinating the distribution of plants difficult. After talking with a couple of teachers we came to the realization that these problems coupled with the long duration of the sale made it difficult for the students to remain motivated and engaged throughout the entire process.

Prior to the sale your program will be responsible for marketing the event. At the sale your group will be responsible for working in the booth and helping us with the pre-sale set up and post-sale take down. We are excited about this format and are prepared for a big response. Your plant sale will be held on one Saturday or Sunday in April or May.

The sale hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm. The first and last hour of each sale will be used for setup and takedown. A minimum of four students and one supervisor must be present during all hours of the sale. The workshop should last approximately 2 hours. The plants will be sold in containers ranging in size from 3. The palette of plants may vary slightly from sale to sale depending on our current availability and what is flowering.

Each sale will include a mix of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, ground covers and ferns. Paul Stormo at Discover the ecology of plants and animals that inhabit the riparian bottomland forests of the Willamette Valley.


Navigate a path to your wintering grounds in the bird migration game, guess the mystery skull and learn about mammal tracks, pelts and skulls. The Benton and Linn County. The goal of this event is to provide a venue for youth to share their schoolyard hands-on science learning projects and participate in fun, educational learning activities provided by local natural resource agencies and organizations.