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Sample size of this is low, as 2 games since switching. Since the switch though my right winger has scored 2 hat tricks.

This combats the space issue. As clearly the space is there. Im not saying a clear cut chance should always be a goal, far from it. But that conversion rate on a lethal striker in real life and one who has almost all the stats, and certainly should be capable in the spfl with these stats. While the right winger has 6 goals in 2 games. Infact I've just went and checked all my goalscorers.

Since that Morelos goal in the second leg of the first europa qualifiers, I have had 1 goal in total from any of my strikers by the end of September. Alternatively, Strikers can in fact score goals. Not specific as to FM But it's another big time public misperception that there are forwards that would consistently score more because they're much more deadly in front of goal.

This is naturally, also caused by how pundits on telly talk about forwards. Or they're useless who better should have never shown up, let alone started playing football. There's a difference between forwards on their levels, but clubs spend millions in an attempts to go that small extra percent -- and of fail.

This has traditionally applied to FM also, and it shows every year in how some players get above average forwards to score at below average amounts, whilst others get also-runs scoring plenty. Or useless. Im not saying he should be deadly i think you missing my point. I have 1 goal in 8 games over my strikers. All my strikers are very good strikers at my level. You would expect more. Thats all im saying. Sure strikers can go on droughts, but it seems from talking to others in the community theres similar issues. I highlighted my striker did have a weakness in his stat.

How to Hit a Long Ball in Soccer/Football

But for a team who creates 3 or more clear cut chances per game, mostly falling to a striker. Do you think a return of 1 goal in 8 is right? Fwiw not all clear cut chances will have fallen to the striker, but most will have and dont have time to go through them all work out exactly how many. I also checked and the goal I have from my striker came from a corner where someone knocked it down and he had a tap in from under a yard. Thats 0 goals in open play from strikers in 8 games,. Firstly, don't base everything on the CCC stat.

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Secondly, sure 1 in 8 isn't good, but then there are examples in this thread of strikers with goals, so it clearly has to be possible to get a decent return. You can have a look on other team's conversion rate.

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It is lower than previous FM and real life. The average goal for the top team is always not more than two. That depends on that chance And it's traditionally a very subjective one That does not translate to scoring one in five. If you've ever rolled a six sided dice, you may realize how long you can go without actually rolling that six. The chance doesn't magically get better just because you have failed to hit that 6 ten times running.

The personal profiles of the forwards don't show much, but they show how many attempts a forward has. At the more extreme ends of finishing streaks: To me personally FM has never produced the finishing streaks that football produces every season somewhere.

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They are oft a significantly factor in "big teams" perceived underperformances in the league table, like Ronaldo last term scoring but 4 goals on over shots between September and January or Dortmund slumping to 18th place in the BL in early , despite having the better chances every other week. If top teams underperform as to FM, they tend to do so differently.

However, if it would, these forums would be an absolutely nightmare for the mods. Perhaps it has all come to happen some in Fm19, tho.

The Demise of Dutch Football

That would be most curious indeed. A change that rubs off on the basic shot conversion this much looks pretty significant. That naturally would be symptoms. As to the causes -- SI have never deliberately made forwards miss reasonably big time chances to keep scorelines "realistic". Quite the contrary, once it was agreed upon that some chances tend to be too ofently missed or vice versa they stepped in.

Once upon a time there was even an issue with a specific type of on one one, acknowledged by the ME's then main coder The challenge may lie in a providing them examples and b convincing them that it's just all wrong though. Speaking about ultra defensive AI, still as much of a thing as in the Beta? Even moreso? I am playing a counter based defensive the old definition. Allagui has awesome composure while Diamantakos has not. Allagui is worse almost everywhere but his composure makes him still a great pick who shines when going against bigger teams.

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Diamantakos meanwhile plays when I play against smaller teams as he helps the midfield. Veerman is a slow beast who has the stat to do simple, right. He won't do the big moves but he knows that and plays accordingly. Of course with him up front he won't be a Poacher. Like I said in the feedback thread, I think! I almost sold Allagui from the beginning but he outplayed expectations whereas Diamantakos underplayed but has most upside.

[Question] What Percentage of Football Matches End ?

Something similar happened at other teams and positions. Let's just say my 'Let the U19 fill the midfield' is way, way worse than before. The chances are being created like crazy, so cant blame the tactic here. Let say at the Arsenal vs Liverpool match today Liverpool has 10 shots on target, 5 of them are Firmino missing on open goal and 1v1 with the keeper, i dont think Liverpool fans or Klopp would blame the tactic for not scoring..

Don't suscribe to such channels, btw.

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Whilst this is a hilarious vid indeed -- they will turn you into FM Rage Quitter in less than no time. Well maybe there's a perception gap between what I expect and what you expect. Others have provided images in this thread of strikers scoring goals a season. Those are good numbers and provide some evidence that strikers do score goals in FM I've used variants of and so far with Dortmund, Rangers, Santos and River Plate and the striker is always the main scorer, and I create tactics which produce "sensible" numbers of shots and crosses, so I'm afraid I can't agree with the title of this thread.

I have started a CaC Team recently playing a 2 striker Setup and after 6 Competition Matches they have 6 and 3 Goals each and a midfielder has 2 Goals, the other Players not more than one if any. Success in first season is not difficult. It is so frustrating that all teams are parking bus after you success in first season, than your striker will score less. As I understand, new FM has significantly improved the defensive phase this year. This may expose the wide play as OP again and we might be seeing the return of "crossing simulator".

Same here, everyone in my team score goals except the strikers even when my team won by large margin. Tried , and all kind of playing styles and different team but the strikers still impotent. Found that a lone striker plays better with Support duty, but that's maybe just the teams I've used.

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  • I find strikers missing as many chances as previous saves, but feels harder to get them a clear chance. It already owns, or co-owns, six clubs on four continents, and the contracts of male professional players and two dozen women. The longterm ambition is huge. The company will trawl the world for players — shaping and polishing them in state-of-the-art academies and training facilities across several continents, selling them on or sending the best to the clubs it will own and improve in a dozen or so countries. That is the Soriano idea — or at least, a simplified version of a complex plan.