Gesund Führen bei älteren Mitarbeitern (do care! - Die Chef-eBooks 15) (German Edition)

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DAAD India Upcoming Webinar: Study at HTW Dresden If you're interested in studying engineering, economics or design, you've come to the right place. Register for free today! Subscribe now! Beware of Misleading Agencies! Browse recordings. How to weigh a neutrino November Countless neutrinos are zipping around the cosmos - and through us - all the time. An experiment in Karlsruhe is working to establish the mass of this ubiquitous elementary particle. Flight shame: Climate-conscious migrants face environmental dilemma As activists such as Greta Thunberg boycott flying and airlines come under fire for carbon emissions, diaspora communities grapple with the choice between stepping on a plane and cutting physical family ties.

Dental phobia - The expert's view In Good Shape talks to dentist Stephan Ziegler about oral hygiene, the causes of dental phobia and how it can be managed. STIs on the rise in Germany, but testing still hard to come by Sexually transmitted infections STIs are making a comeback across the country after years of low rates. But unlike in many other countries, most people face obstacles if they want to be tested without showing symptoms. Security Check: Biometrics vs Passwords Traditional passwords are easy to crack because people rarely adhere to password security measures.

The security of biometric methods depends on the quality of the sensors and the manner in which the data is saved. Walking on two legs - 12 million years ago Researchers at a German university say they've found fossils that challenge how we think about human evolution.

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The bones found in southern Germany come from a primate that they believe walked upright millions of years earlier than previously thought possible. Differences in personality: What psychiatrists can learn from mice to treat depression Scientists have developed a new way for measuring the personalities of animals. So why should we humans care? Because understanding personality traits is key for more individualized therapies in psychiatry.


Germany: Health apps to be available on prescription Patients in Germany will be prescribed health apps starting in , the German parliament announced on Thursday. Health insurance firms in Germany will provide digital health services on personal electronic devices. The EU declares war on e-waste To help reduce electronic waste, a new EU law will require manufacturers to ensure their home appliances are easier to repair.

Environmentalists have hailed it as a milestone. But the new law still has gaps. Exercise for the overweight