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In the UK the movie sold three 3 , yes you read that right…just three tickets one was at the student price , TOTAL over its premiere weekend! It debuts in a fabulous manner! As a thank you for all their hard work Mr. My sources told me everyone kept their clothes on for this soiree! She stated she is training now and shooting is slated to begin this fall! Dwayne the Rock Johnson has set the record straight!

She wanted to be in the Bigelow film and asked Cruise if she could be released from his movie. He said YES! Good decision for Chastain, she went on to receive an Oscar nomination for her work in the film.

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Brooklyn Beckham the son of soccer icon David Beckham and Posh Spice turned 18 last month and celebrated by getting inked. I wanna go on a three-hour lunch. How do they keep those figures? You Go Girl! He had skipped the official award banquet in December of last year. Dylan was in Sweden to give a concert that evening not affiliated with the award itself. Big news for contestants wanting to be a supermodel, Banks states there will no longer be an age limit for contestants.

Good News!

After a very tense split last September this is great news. Pitt was there to see their children not to spend time with Jolie. It was because of food poisoning caused by bad sushi! Emmy Rossum is the latest celebrity victim of a Hollywood heist! Kim Kardashian West has stated she wants to have a third child with Kanye West!

You have been warned! Her doctors are recommending she not because she had difficult pregnancies with her daughter North and son Saint. Kim Kardashian could become the new Kris Jenner… if she keeps going at this rate! United Airlines caused the Twitterverse to go into high gear over the weekend when they would not let a few young girls board because they were wearing Spandex leggings!

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One year-old girl was eventually allowed to board by putting a dress she had in her carry-on over the leggings the other girls were not allowed to board because they had no other clothes in their carry-on that would have been considered appropriate. Sarah Silverman followed by threating to pull all her flights on United for her upcoming tour, which kicks off in April, and William Shatner threatened to start wearing leggings on his United flights! Oh My! The hashtag, LeggingsGate was trending.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were together in Brazil.

Color Me CORT Totally Pops in Dallas

Despite break-up rumors , the two appear to still be a couple. While The Weeknd was performing, the most followed person on Instagram was spotted backstage watching her love from the side of the stage. The globetrotting lovebirds have additionally been spotted in Canada and Italy! Reynolds admitted that he thinks that he and Jake wasted tens of thousands of dollars while filming, just laughing on set. The part went to Matt LeBlanc. McCarthy has confirmed she will reprise her hilarious impression of Spicer.

Personally, I cannot wait!!! Ellen DeGeneres revealed a bandaged dislocated finger in a splint on her show this week. DeGeneres was more than honest about exactly how it happened.


She said their dogs were so excited to see them when they got home, that when she went up the steps into the house, her foot got hung up on the lip of the top step and her finger jammed into the door! Portia drove her to the emergency room at UCLA, where she was treated and released. RuPaul, of course, was one of the first to break into reality TV with his gender-bending competition series show.

Abrams are all involved.

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My sources are telling me Warner Bros. Television is also involved. Richard Simmons friends and family are blasting the most popular podcast in America for creating false speculation about Simmons. The podcast covered the mystery of where exactly Simmons is, who has not been seen in public since February of Additionally, he has stopped all communication with former students and friends. The last he was heard from was in March , when he called into Entertainment Tonight, stating he was ok. The podcast covered the most popular theories about why Simmons has not been seen including that he is transitioning to be a woman, and his housekeeper is holding him hostage.

The main purpose of their trip sans children was to ensure the City of Lights that Brittan still has positive feelings for France after the bitter Brexit vote. Following the incident, Kendall fired the security guard who was stationed outside her home when the incident occurred. Busta Rhymes closed the evening out. Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry passed away at the age of Ben Affleck has completed treatment for alcohol addiction. Well done! Production is slated to begin this week! He joins Taylor Swift who also recently signed with the telecom giant! How did he prove it?

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Dolly Parton has helped people in East Tennessee that lost their homes in the wildfires that engulfed the area in December of last year. Two juveniles were charged with arson in the fires that left 14 dead. Rumors about the two dating have been circulating for months after he was seen backstage at her Vegas show , and this trip seems to have confirmed what my sources have been telling me.

Here's the Latest Episode from Recovering Party Girls:

There are no specific details on his role yet, but he follows other musical guests who have appeared on the show including Coldplay and Monsters of Men. For her role, she needed horse training, dance training, and three months of singing lessons. Anderson posted on her website PamelaAndersonFoundation.

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I think we can all assume Anderson will not be getting an invitation to a White House social function anytime soon. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner nearly two years after they publicly announced they were ending their year marriage have now decided to call off the divorce and give it another go! A spokesperson for the two said, they really love their kids, and those kids really love their parents! I hope they can make it work. I love this couple! A new trend?

Awwwww, get a room! Adele admitted she IS married to Simon Konecki, and she did it in typical Adele fashion…without a lot of fanfare! Well, that sounds like the confirmation that will end all the rumors to me! The two flew into Jamaica separately. Harry flew from London and Markle from Toronto. They were seen holding hands, cuddling and swimming. I am loving every minute of this royal romance! Viola Davis continues to rack up awards! Turner did post a picture of Jonas on her personal Instagram in January.