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And I'll be damned if I teach you nothing in one year. Moody's large eye turned to him, followed by his human one. Special favour to Dumbledore, then it's back to my quiet retirement. You're not supposed to see the actual curses till you're in sixth year. But Dumbledore thinks you're stronger than that. And I say the sooner you learn, the better.

How are you supposed to defend yourself or anyone else against something you've never seen? If someone's going to curse you, they won't tell you nice and polite, will they?

And you will please put your chewing-gum in a bin instead of under your desk, Mr Finnigan. He wasn't looking in his direction, but Moody's eye had showed him all.

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Does anyone know which are the worst curses anyone can use? Hermione's hand rose, as well as a few others, to Megan's surprise. The use of any one of them will —".

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He was pointing to Ron, who had also raised his hand. Imperius Curse? Yes, he'd know all about that one. Gave the Ministry quite some grief, a few years ago. Here, watch, I will demonstrate the spell to you. He pulled out a spider from a jar on the desk.

Book Review: THE DREADFUL TALE OF PROSPER REDDING by Alexandra Bracken

Ron trembled. He hated spiders. The spider walked around the desk, then hopped onto its hind legs. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed 27k times. I'm specifically speaking about the below clip:.

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Blackwood Edlothiad Edlothiad I'll just get my jacket. I always read it as "Gang of Four". No more confusions :! Bellatrix Bellatrix When you block quote a passage, you don't need to convert the double quotes into single ones. You only do that if you're surrounding a short passage with an extra layer of double quotes. Cooper: since this is now in the answer, properly spoilered, it may be better to remove your comment, since you cannot? Edlothiad I've upvoted your answer. Although I'm likely to accept Bellatrix's answer. Your answer is a question I looked for but did not fully ask as it would have made my question too broad.


You've answered it nonetheless, and it is a good answer. It is likely to be used as a dupe target in the future. I hope you stick around and answer many questions in the future! Isn't Bellatrix the only one who tortured them?

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Frank and Alice Longbottom were tortured by four death eaters, of which Bellatrix was one. The other 3 were Rodolphus, Rabastan Lestrange, and Barty Crouch Jr, which adds even more to the scene, because Barty used the curse in front of Neville in full knowledge that he had himself played a part in their torture.

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