Cuckold Revenge - Wifes tale

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Coldly furious, she leaves immediately to get her thoughts together on how to proceed from that shock. Will it be enough to punish her cheating husband and get the revenge she craves? Read on and find out.

This is a 16, word erotica novella, featuring graphic scenes of infidelity, interracial sexual encounters, multiple partners and much more. Well worth the price! Taylor Campbell was beat.

These are some of the most shocking cheating revenge stories…

After a long day of travel, she was arriving back home after an exhausting business trip. She looked forward to surprising her husband, by coming home a day early. Out of town taking a deposition with the attorney she worked for, they finished up early. She wanted to surprise her husband by showing him some of things she bought in Las Vegas during the trip.

She was able to sneak away for a few hours for shopping, and she found a boutique that sold some very suggestive lingerie. Taylor and her husband Trey had been trying for a few months to conceive their first baby. While they were not yet despairing, they did find it hard to mesh their times together, since both of them traveled a great bit for their respective jobs. She figured that she would arrive home before him, and change into her new red lingerie, a delicate corset and garter set that would get his motor running in a hurry.

Cuckold Story About My BBC Threesome

At 30 years old, she had managed to stay in great shape. She worked out and jogged at least a couple of times a week, putting five miles in during every run. She used her home gym quite a lot too. She knew that her body, topped with a natural set of C-cup breasts, still turned heads.

Capped with a nice face, and a head of long, tawny blond hair, she knew that Trey would love seeing her in her new lingerie. She found that odd, as he rarely ever missed a day of work or came home early.

Cuckold's Internet Revenge Against Top Banker

Getting out of her car, she got her bag from the back seat and headed for the front door. She turned the key in the door and let herself in.

From the direction of her bedroom, she heard a woman giving off sharp cries. She also heard the rhythmic sound of two bodies slapping together. Taylor had met her a few months before at an office social event that the families were invited to. She saw Barb on her stomach on their bed.

Trey was straddling her slightly spread legs, and he was driving his ample cock into her from behind. Because of the size of his cock, he was able to penetrate very deeply. He shuddered as his orgasm took her. Cuckold, cheating husband, chastity, sph, small penis, cuck, cfnm, femdom, wifedom, bbw, bbc. Published by sissycamille. Lovely words from my Mistress 54, Mistress give me a present 52, Femdom cuckold 33, The Journey 32, Humiliate His Cuckold Husband 87, Rules to follow 27, The perfect humiliation for men in chastity 61, Femdom cuck 64, But even better was the look he gave me when I said,.

Is there something shameful about what I do?

Cuckold's Internet Revenge Against Top Banker

Of course there was! But Harold was much too frightened to say so. I stood, commandingly, and stretched out a hand for my feminized Harold to take. Meekly, he stood, trembling, and took my hand. This must have looked like his only-way out, and really, the club was pretty dark. He probably thought he could get back to my room fairly safely. So you can imagine his shock when I led him up to the darkened Dance Stage!

This… this is…. And when it does, I want you to climb up there and do a real sexy number for all the men and women out here! I watched in thrilled delight as the trembling, big-breasted, bare-assed bitch that was once my husband tiptoed up onto the garishly-lighted stage. Harold began moving in time to the music. The tempo picked up, and he moved faster and more rhythmically about, switching his sexy, smooth hips and jiggling his ripe boobs, turning to grind his ass sexily for the cheering onlookers.

5 Insane (Yet Satisfying) Ways Jilted Lovers Got Revenge

Something seemed to happen to him then. It was almost as if my former husband had lost himself in the erotic thrill of feminine exhibitionism.

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Lost himself to a new identity. Harold was my feminine slave now. For keeps. The rest of that evening was a celebration of my victory. Harold obligingly acted just rebellious enough to earn more punishments, but he and I both knew I had him. May closed the place up early, and all of us girls went into a specially-furnished room which she keeps for high-paying customers. Since we had his wallet, checkbook and credit cards, Harold certainly qualified! There, we stripped him completely to the buff and made him re-apply his makeup and dress in feminine clothes while we took pictures.

He protested at first, but a half hour in bondage, stretched over the foot rail of the big brass bed, licking my toes while the other girls spanked him, made him eager to comply. After Harold had finally gotten his makeup on correctly and donned a lovely long auburn wig, we made him dress in scandalously tiny black lace panties, black fish-net hose, a combination corset and garter belt, made of strong, confining black silk that pinched in his waist cruelly, and a lacey half-bra that matched his darling panties.

Black patent leather sandals with six-inch heels came next, and provided several amusing shots as Harold tried to get used to walking around in heels and undies. When he had mastered this at last, he had to strap himself into a stunning, low-cut green strapless formal gown, floor-length, made of silk so sheer and cut so tight that it seemed positively painted on his feminine shape!


The skirt was terribly confining, permitting him only the shortest, most mincing steps, and every move outlined the sexy, curving body beneath it. A matching pair of elbow-length gloves completed the outrageous outfit. Thus arrayed, Harold had to smile and pose while we took dozens of pictures of him, simpering about in his finery. Harold knew that with the proper lighting, the pictures that resulted would look like he was actually engaging in homosexual pleasure and he really balked at some of the poses. But a few well-placed swats on his silken ass, plus a threat to provide the Real Thing, made him obey almost passionately.

Later, we all got on the huge brass bed and played Strip Poker. Harold was bound to the brass head-and-foot rails, his arms and legs fully extended, face-up, still wearing his lovely outfit. We girls sat around his helpless, feminized figure on the bed, playing for our clothes. Since we were all wearing just our work outfits — pasties, panties, heels, hose arid garter-belts — it should have been a quick game, but our luck kept switching back and forth, stretching the whole thing out to more than an hour.

Poor thing! She decided to keep him stretched out on the bed, but removed his dress and turned him over on his stomach. It was delightful, seeing his feminine body tied across that bed, wearing heels, undies, corset, fish-net hose and elbow-length gloves, as Liz settled herself at his face and slowly curled her legs around his head!