Can You Survive Being Lost at Sea? (You Choose: Survival)

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Tipton said turtles were relatively easy to catch and could be a lifesaver. That's quite useful. Turtle fat is particularly useful because protein — the main food group available for those adrift, whether through birds or fish — can prove counter-productive as it requires a good amount of fluids for the body to process. Another unlikely luxury are fish eyes, which are a useful source of liquid and of another vital nutrient.

Maurice and Maralyn Bailey , a British couple who survived days on a rubber life raft in the Pacific in , did not initially understand why they sought them, Tipton said: "They found they started to crave fish eyes, which is not something one would normally do. It wasn't until after the voyage they realised these are quite rich in vitamin C, which is something you get depleted in when you're adrift, and can of course cause scurvy. Aside from the well-known advice to not drink seawater — the book notes that unlikely survival methods involving seawater enemas also did not prove useful — Tipton said those adrift should resist the temptation to drink anything at all on the first day, not least because much of this fluid would be lost in urine.

As long as you're not swimming about to catch fish or doing lots of exercise then your metabolism will slow right down. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 10, - Published on Amazon.

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We grab our favorite food and go on a wonderful adventure!! August 24, - Published on Amazon. Great book for kids! The will to live is very important and applies to ALL survival situations. You must keep a strong will to live and have faith that you will live.

Different things motivate different people. Common ones are family and god. Of course, having blind faith is not enough. Having the will to live also means being proactive in your survival. Always be vigilant for things that will help you, as well as pre-empting problems. If you are in a group, assign lookouts on short shifts. Look out for signs of life, land, rescue, leaks, and anything that could be useful. From the very first moment you become stranded at sea, you must be on the lookout for rescue. It is your best chance of survival , and the sooner you get it, the better.

Your liferaft may have some signaling devices. There are various types of flares. Follow the instructions on them. Check out some signal flares here. If you have nothing else, improvise. A mirror is an effective signaling tool. Use it to reflect the sun towards a possible rescue ship or plane.

In fact, you can use any screen, e. Most life jackets will have a whistle and lights. You can also use these to maintain contact with other survivors in other liferafts. View the best lifejackets on the market. If there is no land in sight, or you are near shipping lanes, wait at the crash site for at least 72 hours.

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You can keep your position by making a sea anchor. Tie weighted objects to a line. Besides a fast rescue, your best chance of how to survive lost at sea is to find land. So if you see it, or know where it is, head for it. But batteries run out, and salt water is never good for electronics.

Knowledge of map and compass navigation is an excellent skill to have for life in general. You can learn more about that here. A reliable compass is essential. My favorites are by Silva. Get yours here. The navigation I want to look at in this article is survival navigation for the sea. That is, when you do not have a GPS or even a compass. For this method you need an analog watch. Hold your wristwatch in front of you like a compass, and line a small twig or something similar along the edge of it.

Your aim is to cast a shadow toward the center of the watch. Now turn the watch until the shadow splits in half the distance between the hour hand and 12 on the watch face. In the Northern hemisphere, 6 is pointing north. In the Southern hemisphere it is opposite, i. In the Northern Hemisphere, point the hour hand towards the sun. If you only have a digital watch you can still use it in the same way. You have to estimate where the hour hand will be. Note: Your watch must be set to the time zone you are in. So if you were flying internationally and have no idea where you are, this may be a problem.

How I survived 49 days of being lost at sea

Finding the North Star Polaris By locating the North Star, you can draw an imaginary line from it to a landmark back on earth. With this, you can steer north. Finding a landmark in the open sea is difficult, but do your best. You can even use another star lower to the horizon. The reason it is good for navigation is because it does not move. To help you find the North Star you can use two other constellations. The Big Dipper and Cassiopeia.