Beyond the Glitz & Glamour of Las Vegas: Death & Addiction

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Hop on a bus or plane and head to the nearest casino. The moment they walk through the front door, they are transported into another world — one totally unlike the one they left behind. At least for a time troubles and worries disappear — and if in the process they lose a little money, or even a lot, so be it. Escape is a powerful drug, especially for individuals who are basically decent people who are simply trying to get through life the best way they know how. Their first experience may be nothing more than a social afternoon or evening with family or friends.

They gamble for recreation, much like buying a raffle ticket at a school fund-raising event or buying a lottery ticket at a local gas station. The thought of a possible win takes their mind off their concerns and gives them something to look forward to. Soon the stakes are higher. They return to a card room or a casino and put a little more money on the line.

How a Las Vegas call girl became a Hooker for Jesus

Then comes the chasing stage—where they try to cover their losses, which leads to more gambling and certain desperation where the losses far overshadow any gains, and finally to hopelessness — where they discover there is no way out. No amount of gambling will recover the loss that matters most — self-worth, integrity, honesty. At that point some people take their own lives. Others, with the help of those who love them, surrender to recovering from their self-destructive behavior.

But one that can be accomplished. A twelve-step program, such as Gamblers Anonymous or Overcomers Outreach can, in time, lead to a more satisfying way to cope with the past and live in the present. Those who participate in such programs also discover the value of sharing their experience, strength, and hope with others, who in turn share theirs with the people who come after them.

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The author's only son, Andrew, is brutally and senselessly murdered in Las Vegas Nevada at the age of twenty-one. Through out the capture, trial, and sentencing of her son's murderer, Rose preserver's. After all the turmoil, the author shuts everyone out of her life, including her only other child, her daughter and husband, whom she forgets how to love.

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In order to escape the harsh reality of the world without her son, the author resorts to gambling at the casinos in Las Vegas. Rose's gambling slowly becomes an addiction. Rose quickly becomes obsessed with a powerful compulsion to gamble. She recounts some of the ways she obtained the means to gamble, risking her family and harming relationships with those who love her.

Beyond the Glitz & Glamour of Las Vegas: Death & Addiction

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How a Las Vegas call girl became a Hooker for Jesus

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